Artist Bloom our first design for 2024

This blog has not really been in use over the past couple of years  it's hard to manage everything in this world of social media, instagram, Facebook, You Tube and Tick Tok. 

But we do want to let you know about many different things through our blog posts and bring more value to our little brand so we're going to try and make a real effort in this space. We're especially keen to add more regular YouTube tutorials to our account so that you can learn all the tips and tricks with our kits and pdf's and also find out more about us and the things we are creating along with whats inspiring us now. So look out for more tutorials on painting, sewing and inspirational trips. 

The first embroidery design for 2024 has been inspired by Davinder's floral painted artwork. its not a literal translation but we've taken elements to inspire the pdf.


The PDF is available to download in our Madaher shop and we have created it to be suitable for printing in the UK on A4 and also compatible for printing in US format. 

We're also suggestion so many other ways you can use this pattern, you might want to trace onto paper to colour with markers or colouring crayons. You could transfer the design onto water colour paper to paint, using a window or light boxto trace. You can also applique the design for a cushion or a garment. 

The original design comes with a colour guide if you want to follow the pattern directly and you can use a 9 inch embroidery hoop.

This year we are also excited to create our designs and have them printed on fabric so look out for this coming really soon.

We have just sampled a length of Artist bloom fabric and it is gorgeous, Caroline is going to be working her sewing magic on this really soon and we can't wait to share more on this.

Thanks for reading this far and following along on our creative journey.

Here's to more blog posts coming soon.

Caroline and Davinder


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