How this thing got started.

Welcome to our Madaher blog, finally we are getting to write something in this little space.

It seems right to start this blog with a huge Thank you to you our customers for following and liking and sharing our content and for purchasing the kits we have made so far. 

We were just recently reflecting on the fact that it’s almost two years since we launched our very first embroidery kit, Dahlia bloom. Little did we know when we first put that kit out into the world that you would all love it so much and now, we have sold hundreds of this design and sent it as far as Australia, America, Canada, India, Japan, across the whole of Europe and of course our home the UK. 

It’s wonderful when you finally realise that people enjoy what you have created, and you have that moment of joy celebrating as the shop pings with another sale making our whole family do a happy dance literally. 

We are about to retire this lovely kit after two years in our collection so if you had hoped to create this beauty hurry the stock is now very low. 

But have no fear we are about to launch a very similar design as a PDF and we can’t wait to share that with you later this week.

After riding the wave of the success of this kit we got to work on a spring launch, juggling kids and work and this little embroidery idea we were finally ready to go March 2020, just as Covid threw us all into a national lock down. I genuinely thought that not many of you would be interested at all in embroidery whilst reacting to this crisis, I even put the question out on Instagram to discover your overwhelming response, saying absolutely, Yes, Yes, Yes, do it, go for it, we want to do embroidery during this crisis. 

Hidden garden embroidery kit was launched and again you all loved it, this has been one of our best-selling kits, it seems you all needed this distraction and spring flowers and embroidery helped.

The opportunity to serve so many people with such a beautiful mindful craft during this season was probably what kept us going, with so much lack of the usual work for Davinder and myself on furlough from my part time job we were able to keep making an income over a time that would have been awful had it not been for our amazing customers showing up and supporting us.

You will all remember the Rainbows of Hope, we added them to the shop and they sold within the hour, so we had to quickly react and get more stock, we could have never imagined that kind of success during a time of crisis but these activities were what people needed, we also remember how we all had to wait far longer for our packages than usual, oh the worry of where some of those packages had got to, believe me sometimes I didn’t sleep worrying. 

Since this early season we have launched several kits and seen our little business grow over time and we are now at a point where we are deciding what next, we want to create more original artwork and embroideries, we also have some amazing new ideas for products, fabrics, art prints and new workshops coming up and we will have new embroidery kits and pdfs to launch, so do watch this space. We also want to use this blog space to share some of our favourite products and places along with a lot more creative content. Over summer we visited some beautiful independent shops so will be sharing those over the coming weeks.

But ultimately, we really want to thank you for being on this journey with us and showing us your support, we really are so grateful. 

This hasn’t been an easy time, but this little business has been our joy and we are grateful to have shared that joy with you.

Thank you 

Caroline and Davinder x


  • Mary Smart

    I’ve been trying to order a kit, and I know your shop is closed right now. I hope that, if I keep checking, I can make it to checkout and buy it soon. Your embroidery designs are the liveliest I’ve found.

  • Veronica Kemp

    Hi there, so lovely to read your blog! I am hoping you may be able to help, I am looking for a beginners kit to take on holiday, might any of your stunning kits be agreeable for a complete novice? Looking forward to hearing from you! Kind wishes, Veronica.

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